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If you are already a ONELINK TV subscriber please call 321-549-7102 to reactivate your Roku Device

If you are new please follow the instruction from your Roku onelink screen

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Want to add more Boxes? contact Support from the support tab

64 Replies to “LINK YOUR ROKU”

  1. Hi There,
    I set my account already, but I cannot find my onelink CODE to watch the tvs. Can you send to me whether to my cell or my email please?
    Thank you

  2. Hi,
    Si Mwen nan travay par exemple, Eske Mwen ka gade onelinktv on my iPhone .
    Si oui kouman poum fè sa , lèm fin sign in nan account Mwen an

  3. First, thanks for a prompt reply. Second, what I mean by user-friendly is that you must anticipate some of the customers’ questions and provide a FAQ list. You only have to read the questions being asked to see that what I mean. If I want to remove a player from your system, I should not have to factory reset the whole Roku unit, that is a lot of hassle. Now I have to start all over again with Roku. Admitted that I can only link 2 players to your system, Just allow me to register and remove a player in the customer’s account. Just do like Roku does, I can link and unlink a player right from my Roku account. That is simple and customer-friendly. You provide a good service and I appreciate it. I am just suggesting ways to make it great, and it can be done. Thanks.

    1. Factory reset has to be done to any devices before returning it either your phone or an android devices and if it was your phone you wanted to replace you ould do the same transfer your info then factory reset it am i right?

    1. You have to factory reset the player you want to remove so you’ll have space to add another one. as for user friendly you are the first one who made that statement, please be more specific to what problem you are having with the site so i can look into it.

        1. First with your Roku Remote go to the channel store under international, look for Onelink TV Network after you added it Go to channel and there you’ll see the code

    1. Sorry they’ve been offline for sometime now as you can see even on where you’ve described nothing is playing on that network so until they are back on the air I can’t guaranty anything.

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